Building a B2B customer base

Social networking websites have emerged as not only the greatest way of connecting and meeting different people but it has also has become one of the best way to market a business or a product and to do business. The many mainstream social networking websites do not solely focus on the marketing and the business aspect of social networking, there has long been a need for a social networking website that is dedicated to connecting people for business and marketing purpose.

Traiborg is a Social Business Network that has been created to provide people an effective platform that allows the users to enjoy an all in one place, security, e-commerce, communication tools and a great business opportunity at the same time.

Traiborg is one place on the internet on which people that own businesses, online business owners, freelancers, online affiliates, marketers and the like would be able to connect and use everything they would need in one place to build positive business connections, business partnerships, find work opportunities and earn money. Truly, Traiborg is the future of social business networking. On this website users will be able to interact with the other networks and people, also create their own site, blog and share it with friends too through a phone, chat, forums, events, photos and videos, jobs, and many more.

This social business networking website would be a great source of information and opportunities for people who are looking to work from home because through this website they would be able to display their past work in order to attract employers, they would be able to connect to many other users like them and also users who are looking for people to work for them. On the website they would be able to upload a copy of their C.V for others to see. Similarly, Traiborg is great for businesses that focus on building a B2B customer base, because on the website there would many other businesses also looking for the same thing.

Every user of this website will have the opportunity to find work, attract customers and employers. Marketers will also find that this unique social business networking website Traiborg has a lot to offer them as well, not only will they be able to connect to potential customers but also be able to keep a close eye on what makes the online business networking world buzz.

The future of business networking is here, Traiborg is connecting the business world through their Social networking website. People can get a Traiborg business community membership by filling a simple registration form online on:

Bitcoin Fans Community

Bitcoin Fans Community

The Biggest Secret of Effective SEO in 2014

The SEO Game just got MUCH harder. Not for us, though

Let us ask you a question…
What is the easiest way to rank your website on the first page
of Google?

Definitely contextual backlinks. Because they are surrounded
with many keywords, they have more value than spammy links from
forum profiles or blog comments. They also look more natural.

3 Roads To Success
There are 3 easy ways to build contextual backlinks. You can:

* Create many web 2.0 sites and publish your articles with
backlinks there.

* Guest post on other people’s blogs.

* Publish articles in article directories.

And that’s it.

You’ve probably already heard that. But, that’s not all. You
shouldn’t stop there. For real success, you need to go that
extra mile.
You need to build links to web 2.0 sites as well. You need to
build links to your links. We call them “second tier” links.
They make all the difference. They make your support sites seem
more “legit”. They make links from support sites more valuable.
You want that, RIGHT?

You may argue with us that this requires TONS of content. It’s
true. We’ll reveal the solution after we answer another open

How to build “second tier” links? Simply, create web 2.0 sites,
write guest posts and publish articles in article directories.

Damn, we can’t believe how EASY it is. All you need is enough
content. And we’ll tell you how to get it. It can be very cheap
(or even FREE).
FREE Content - A Myth?
Many people say that article spinning is dead. They only say
that because they don’t want you to know how POWERFUL it is. The
only thing that is dead is BAD spinning. Google hates poorly
spun articles. We hate them too. That is why you need to pick an
article spinner that is able to spin content just like humans.

The 1 EASY Way of Dominating Search Rankings…

As a marketer you are probably aware of the fact that content is an ESSENTIAL part of every online business.
You need it for your money sites. You also can’t do SEO without it. However, it can be very expensive. Writers charge up to $10 per 500 word article. And you need THOUSANDS of them.
Luckily, article spinners are making the life of every marketer much easier. You just need to make sure that you use the best one. This way, you can generate UNLIMITED content - almost FREE.

There is only one article spinner I can recommend at the moment — you guessed it, it’s Spin Rewriter.
Spin Rewriter rewrites content on paragraph, word and sentence level. It also turns sentences around and makes sure that only appropriate synonyms are used. You can check all of its crazy features in the video right here:
A Well Known, Yet Underestimated SEO Trick For 2013… and 2014

Spin Rewriter has been around for more than 2 years and in this time, it became PERFECT. What’s more, Aaron (the guy behind all this) is just launching the 4.0 version.
Aaron added a special ARTICLE GENERATING ALGORITHM to Spin Rewriter 4.0. This algorithm makes sure that the generated articles are even more unique, and even more readable — if that was even possible!

Because they are just launching it, you can get in with their special 60% launch discount. And that’s not all… Guys at Spin Rewriter have also prepared a special “34-Days to 7,000 Daily Visitors” blueprint. It’ll show you how to use UNLIMITED CONTENT for SEO purposes. For 34 days, step by step. Get it here:

Is Google REALLY Penalizing Spun Content? This Might Shock You

This special offer is only valid for another 4 days. Get in now while there’s still time!
… There’s also a 5-DAY FREE TRIAL available!

Talk soon,

P.S. When you sign up for Spin Rewriter today, you’ll also LOCK IN your lifetime discount. This way, you are guaranteed to pay no more for Spin Rewriter in the future than you are paying now.
P.P.S. During this launch period Aaron is also offering a special bonus tool that will make sure everything is OK with your websites all the time. This can save you a LOT of money.

The Biggest Secret of Effective SEO in 2014

About Free Viral Ads

Free Viral Ads

Viralclassified is a free business promotion site.
Use our online free classifieds placement system to post your free ads ..

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Viral Classified News

News about Viral Classified Ads. Marketing B2B,Serp,Sem,Seo,Social Media,Marketing and Advertising Strategies.

Online Learning Marketplace

Udemy is the world’s largest destination for on-demand, online courses from real-world experts .

Business Book Summarys

The world’s largest resource of business book summaries. The fastest way to expand your business knowledge. 50+ new titles per month,more than 10,000 business books every year.

Viralclassified is a free business promotion site which allows people to list their classified ads within minutes. In today’s time advertising on the internet is becoming progressively more important.

More and more buyers, sellers, employers, and job seekers are turning to online classified ad sites. Small and medium sized business owners underestimate the power of free online classifies ads. Many online advertising websites offer affordable online advertising services to help businesses improve their online visibility and accessibility.

To list a free classified ad at Viralclassified, people simply need to become a free member and use the online free classifieds placement system to post their free ads. After posting a free classified ad advertisers will be able to manage all ads from their personalized dashboard. Posting an ad on Viralclassified will prove to be a must have marketing-weapon because of its capability of generating instant traffic crucial for any online business’ success.

Viralclassified Adpost attracts more than 2,000,000 views every month and generates more than 10,000 ads and replies everyday as more and more people prefer online searches for information and ads.

This makes Viralclassified a great meeting place for buyers and sellers. Visitors can also visit their Adpost page where over 1,000,000 classified ads, broken down by country, city, and categories are available in an easy to use website.

Viral Classified Adpost

Top 10 Classifieds - worldwide ranking by Yahoo!

Viralclassified Adpost ranks among the Top 10 Classifieds in the world - averaging consistently over the past years! This ranking is measured relative to thousands of classifieds worldwide including the 100+ major websites listed in the Yahoo! directory. The following snapshot shows our position in the Yahoo! directory.

Top 10,000 Website - worldwide ranking by Alexa/Amazon!

Viralclassified Adpost ranks among the Top 10,000 websites in the world. This ranking is way above thousands of other major classifieds on the Internet! 



How Would You Like Your Banner On over 85 Advertising Sites - Click here to see more

About is the number one classified ad listing site that answers to business advertising concerns. Listing a classified ad at Viralclassified is free and fast. This idea of free classified ads online can prove to be a great resource for people looking to advertise and also for those who wish to find several listings of a certain type of business, all in one place.

Classified ads have been used by newspaper in which a short ad consisting of few lines is posted under a certain category. The online classified advertising method employs the same principles. The greater advantage of online free advertising is the possibility to appeal to a much wider audience through viral ads using the internet as compared to traditional newspaper classified advertising.

The classified ads listed on cover a wide range of categories including; for sale, real estate, personals, matrimonial, etc.

It is easy to understand why free classifieds websites like Viralclassified help businesses get the required exposure online. For more information about Viralclassified Adpost, to register to become a free member and post a free advertisement, please visit:

Brand Page Pro
Media Contact:
Michael Volkmann
Tweuropa Network
Duesseldorferstreet 10
Bavaria - Germany
80804 Munich

How Would You Like Your Banner On All 85 Advertising Sites

Free 33 Page Unpublished Bitcoin Secrets Book

Today, the website of the Bitcoin robot has been updated again… those guys really lose no time in supplying us with as much info as possible about their robot.

But today, next to a video of a member of the programming team, Dmitry Kuleshov, there’s also a really nice goodie to be picked up!

Insights Of Dmitry Kuleshov, Bitcoin Programmer

Unpublished 33 page Bitcoin Book for free… your download is waiting!

That`s right! Next to more info on how the Bitcoin robot is planned to operate long-term for all its clients and talking about its sustainability, you get a full 33 page Bitcoin robot ebook with earning tips & tricks and some really sweet info that`s not to be seen on other websites.

According to Dmitry, this book will be sold for $19.99 USD on amazon in 3 months, so we are in for a true bargain.

What are you waiting for? Go and get your copy right now! Free download here